Older News

July 30, 2003: More pictures from the end of the school year
May 11, 2003: Purim and Pesach photos posted
March 12, 2003: New batch of pictures (finally)
December 5, 2002: Menachem Mordechai Sevrinsky was brought into the Brit of Avraham Avinu. Mazal tov!
November 28, 2002: Mazal tov! It's a boy! Born at 11:45am Israel time, weighing 3.73kg (8 lb. 3 oz.)
September 29, 2002: Happy Isru Chag! Check out what we did on our Sukkot vacation.
August 21, 2002: We've been in Israel for 1½ years now -- almost old timers now. I'm writing up a synopsis (coming soon) and we've posted a whole slew of new photos.
June 28, 2002: Esther has wrapped up her school year at Gan! See her graduation party, along with a whole bunch of recently uploaded pictures.
April 19, 2002: Chag Same'ach! Yom Ha'atzmaut pictures are online.
April 5, 2002: Back to chametz. Posted more photos...
February 26, 2002: Happy Aliyah Anniversary! Posted Purim photos; site cleanup finally underway.
January 17, 2002: Posted pictures; procrastinated site cleanup.
August 17, 2001: Posted some US visit and post-US visit pictures.
April 21, 2001: Posted another (even bigger) bunch of picture, but the journal still seems to be eluding us...
March 18, 2001: Finally managed to post a whole slew of pictures. Aliyah Journal can't be far behind!
March 5, 2001: Bezek has installed our phone line! We can now be reached at (02) 991-8031 or on the cellphone at (055)768-031.
February 22, 2001: We've arrived! All is well. Much more detailed log entries to follow...
February 5, 2001: We've moved! Well, actually we moved last Tuesday, but I'm just getting around to updating the site. We can be reached at (718) 769-3913 over the next 2 weeks.
February 4, 2001: Sorry, the Great Sevrinsky Aliyah Giveaway has ended. To all those who benefitted, enjoy your new (old) stuff.
January 30, 2001: The Big Pickup. Pictures will be posted soon.

Last updated: November 28, 2002