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July 10, 2005: Has it been 5 months? My, how time flies! Check out what we've been up to this spring, including Purim and Pesach.
February 13, 2005: At long last, posted pictures from Chanukah.
October 14, 2004: Posted photos from our trip to NY, including Daniel & Zippy's Wedding!
June 15, 2004: Posted photos from Yom Ha'Atzmaut and Lag B'Omer.
May 17, 2004: Long overdue photo update -- we moved in to our new house, and had a very nice Pesach with family. (NOTE: There is a missing update between this one and the previous one, due to a hardware failure on my server. I'll be reconstructing that soon...)
October 20, 2003: Posted pictures from Sukkot 5764
October 2, 2003: What We Did Over Summer Vacation - vacation? what's that?
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According to Esther, this is a map of Israel, featuring flowers and butterflies. Note that she signed her name as Esther "samech".


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Address: Nachal Shimshon 7/2
Ramat Beit Shemesh

It's probably best not to include a ZIP code when mailing from the US. They have a nasty tendancy of first trying to send it to the US equivalent, before shipping it overseas.

Home phone: (02) 991-8031
Richie cell phone: (054) 576-8031
Amy cell phone: (054) 544-8031
To contact Israel by phone, you can dial direct using your usual long distance carrier as follows: 011-972-<Israel area code without leading zero>-<phone number>. Other long distance carriers work, too -- such as 10-10-297 and 10-10-345. Your milage (and phone bill) may vary. NOTE: We have heard reports of ridiculous amounts charged by dialing direct (using your default long-distance carrier). We highly recommend using a calling card or one of the 10-10 carriers.

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